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Friday, October 24, 2014

Canon Pixma MP830 Driver Download

Download Driver Printer Canon Pixma MP830
Compatibility and System Requirements :
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows Vista
Windows XP

- File name : md86-win-mp830-1_12-ea12.exe
- File Size : 16,031KB
- Version : 1.12
- Release Date : 02-Nov-2012

How to install the drivers Printer for Windows :
1. Download the printer driver, for the download link see below
2. Make sure the printer usb cable unplugged from laptop or computer
3. Open the file has been downloaded, double click on the file
4. Follow the instructions that appear during installation
5. When finished plugged usb cable and wait detecting hardware
6. When done doing test print
7. If test print is not a problem, then we have succeeded driver installation

Download Canon Pixma MP830 Driver
Source Direct Link

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Mengatasi Printer Dot Matrix
Troubleshooting Dot Matrix Printers Compared to other types of printers, dot matrix printers, including printer, a robust and easy to operate. Damage is often the case, generally the printhead. In normal use, printhead can print up to 150-200 million hit. Use of printer ribbons that are less well able to accelerate the damage and corrosion on printnead. Kornpatibilitas of a printer is also worth noting, because sometimes the software does not recognize a brand printers
Troubleshooting langkah2 dot matrix printer <-- more -->
Scenario, a pc connected to a dot matrix printer, via port lpt1. But when used in any way, whereas before running well can not alias nge-print. how the steps to solve it?
1. Make sure the printer is running / on, and no error indicator or pause.
2. Make sure the cable is connected properly.
3. Try typing the command dir> prn or dir> lpt1
4. If still can not, then just look at the menu Control Panel> Printers and right click the printer icon in question, on the menu that appears if the pause option is a check printing / cecklist, if he was eliminated, and try to step No. 3
5. If you can not also then try to step No. 4, double click the printer icon, and see if there spooling or not, if yes, then delete using the delete button. After spooling missing, try again to step 3.
6. If not, try to turn off the printer, press the pause button, hold it, the computer turned on again, after a new flame printer pause button is released. then the printer will perform self-test.
7. If you still can not also then restart the PC, and enter the BIOS menu, and make sure the option Pararel Port tersetting correctly. Back to the windows, and try to step 3.
8. If you still can not ngeprint, try signing in dos mode, type net use command followed by enter. If there is lpt1 on the route will switch off with the command net use lpt1 / delete followed by enter. do step 3.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Hp 1020 And Hp 1022 Laserjet Printer Cold Reset , HP 1020 and HP 1022 laser jet printer series HP. The Gook in the HP laser jet 1020 and HP laser jet 1022 is: fast, with high quality printing, compatible with PC and MAC and also comes with this printer network ready models 

Bu the trouble with the HP laser jet 1020 and HP laser jet 1022 is: too much noise, without a direct printing path.

Like the HP laser jet printer, the HP Laser Jet 1020 and HP laser jet 1022 have to do cold reset if there are errors in this printer.

Cold reset procedure to reset HP LaserJet 1020 and HP 1022. follow these steps:
Turn off the printer.
Turn the printer while pressing the Go and Cancel buttons
The lights begin to flash in sequence.
Release all buttons when the light all three begin to flash
The printer is reset. Turn the printer off and on again and the printer is ready for use.

Tag: Hp 1020 And Hp 1022 Laserjet Printer Cold Reset

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Brother MFC 7840W User manual

Brother MFC-7840W User manualDownload Inexact Monk MFC-7840W Human Recitation.pdf This Monk MFC-7840W exercise, Pal MFC-7840W Person Handbook, Chum MFC-7840W Owners Recitation, Member MFC-7840W content practice contains the content you essential when installment, falsehood, service, configuring, reparation and troubleshooting, operative manual the Sidekick MFC-7840W.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Resetter for Epson C79 free download is one of the software which I have tried to reset Epson C79 . Date setting requiered to run this software withour error that is 2 Nov 2006.

Download Epson C79 Resetter

Monday, October 6, 2014

HP Laserjet 1010 1012 1015 Printer Service Manual

This manual has been issued by hp Inc., to provide the service technicians of this product with the information necessary for qualified persons to learn technical theory, maintenance, and repair of products.

Contents of this service manual

1. Product Information
2. Installation and Operation
3. Maintenance
4. Operational overview
5. Removal and replacement
6. Troubleshooting
7. Parts and diagrams
8. Index
Download HP Laserjet 1010-1012-1015 Printer Service And Repair Manual
Password :

Friday, October 3, 2014

Resetter Epson

Resetter Epson
Epson Stylus Color type 480,580,680,777,780,790,860,1160,61,62,70,825830,870,890,950,1270,1280, printer service program download (336) FREE!
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